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We have an amazing track record of students who have scored very well after taking our UKCAT course. It is not uncommon for us to see our students scoring in the 90th percentile or higher and getting into their targeted medical school.


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For individual UKCAT course, your calendar will be fully personalised to fit your academic performance and your requirements. Enjoy a customised UKCAT course that works around your hectic schedule. You can even have your sessions online!

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As of 2019, UKCAT is known as UCAT. Even though the name has changed, the test content and scope remains the same for the time being. Our UCAT team will update you if there’s any big changes happening to the test.

Meanwhile, if you are keen on finding out more about the UCAT specifics, we have intro sessions for the same!

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Students planning to pursue medicine or dentistry in the UK at the undergraduate level are required to take either the UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test) or the BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) as an admissions test. Although more schools use the UKCAT for admissions, many candidates take both the tests in order to maximize their choice from a larger university pool (the tests cannot be substituted for each other).

Students are only allowed to take both exams once per admission cycle. The results from each exam are valid for only the admissions cycle in which the exam was taken, or for one or more than one year (for students applying as deferred entries).

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