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UCAT/BMAT & Medical School Applications Info session

You can connect with us via phone or Skype also for the same.

If you intend to take the UCAT (UKCAT) and join top UK medical schools such as Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol, having a good UCAT score is just the starting point. To build a good profile to stand out from the rest of the applicants, have a chat with our consultants in this informative introductory seminar.

In the introductory seminar, we will discuss topics such as:

  • Basic format of the UCAT/BMAT
  • Significance of the UCAT/BMAT to your application profile
  • Discuss some official UCAT/BMAT questions and answers, test structure and strategies
  • UK medical school application process – i.e. shortlisting schools, profile building and preparing for interviews including the challenging MMIs.
  • UCAT/BMAT preparation & application timeline
  • Q&A session

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Event Details

  • Location: Prep Zone Academy (Mumbai or Navi Mumbai)
  • You can also connect with us via phone or Skype for the same
  • Date: Please contact us for the same
  • Time: Any time 10:00 am to 07:30 pm


Join us in this seminar, as our expert admissions consultants and trainers discuss the UCAT: the test structure, the difference between UCAT and BMAT, types of questions, and preparation strategies. We will also delve into admissions matters like demystifying the UCAS application process specific to medical schools and outlining the road-map for your medical application timeline.

We will also go through actual UCAT questions, and answer all your questions related to medical programs, preparation & application timelines, how to best prepare for the UCAT and even how to choose the right medical program.